What’s Going On?

Written By on October 18, 2020

It’s been a while since I wrote here. Something that was much more frequent now only occurs when I really feel compelled to write.

7 months ago the world entered a new stage and what we thought was a short isolated event. However, the longer this has gone on, larger and deeper issues in our society have come to the forefront causing me to think about a song Marvin Gaye wrote in 1971 titled, “Whats Going On?”

A song written 49 years ago about race relations, divisiveness and police brutality still feels so current. It forces my mind to think it may not be the song itself that is timeless. However, the song may feel current and relatable as long as these issues persist.

I wanted to take some time to talk about some things I have thought about over this 7 month pandemic.

A World Of Unsurity

Chalk it up with whatever phrase you want… “Unprecedented times”, “these challenging times” or just call it our current reality. When the pandemic hit, none of us knew how long this would go. One prominent thought I had was:

Who will come out of this grateful for each day? Who will feel the world owes them time back?

Are we living in a world where self convenience is going to trump togetherness?

I am grateful to see how many people have spent this time working to bring people together, reaching out to others and finding solutions to make this world the best we can given “these unprecedented times”.

It may be difficult to be grateful given these circumstances when you wake up. However, you could choose to exhibit gratitude for the sole fact that you woke up.

I Just Don’t Understand

Racial injustices of recent have brought light to the deep racial injustices of generations. It is so important we work towards educating ourselves on matters that are integral for moving race relations forward. Some of these injustices are so deep rooted they seem unfathomable. To someone living in an accepting world, it seems almost like fiction the circumstances that others are exposed to.

While we may not be able to understand, we must work towards understanding. Sometimes the situation is just so extreme that we must accept that it will be very difficult for us to fully understand but we are willing to continue working on it.

To the educators: A suggestion of sorts that I have found has worked for me when helping others understand my perspective of race relations or religion, if the person is unable to understand but willing to learn, do not continue to push the same angle. I have found some major breakthroughs when I have framed the situation differently which may offer the same perspective but is easier for the person involved to relate.

Be Kind

October 21 will mark the 1 year passing of my grandma. An unforgettable person in my life as I see so much of her in my mother. The past year I have had one thought in my mind over and over:

You’ll never forget the way someone made you feel

Now this relates to someone’s kindness, love,compassion and positive traits. However, it can also relates to negative traits someone exhibits towards you.

In saying so, BE KIND!

I will leave it short and sweet but I did want to drop some thoughts on the world we are seeing today.

Be Kind
Be Thoughtful
Be Grateful
Be Accepting