Avneet Brar is a great friend and role model, but above all, he is an outstanding coach. I remember Avneet asking me what I wanted out of basketball, I told him I wanted to be in a position where I could play college basketball after graduating. From that moment forward Avneet held his expectations of me to nothing less. Many skill sessions and personal conversations kept me motivated.

When my focus would drift, Avneet was always right there to put me back into the right mindset. Avneet’s skill sessions involve a variety of exercises and workouts. He not only focuses on basketball skill, he puts a huge emphasis on physical conditioning (athletic development). This mentality of the importance of athletic improvement is something I have not encountered from any basketball camp or other coaching I have received. Avneet would work with me for many hours every week when ever I wanted to get in the gym. He took me through contact drills, resistance sprints, pull up jumpers, box jumps and back board touches just to name a few exercises. All of the drills Av took me through had a direct in game relationship, everything had a purpose. My shooting, dribbling, mental toughness, and vertical jump improved drastically from grade 9 to 11 (the main timeframe that Av trained me). His sessions helped me to reach a level of basketball that few players my age were at. In grade 9 I was a bench player with very little Basketball skill. Through Av’s coaching I was able to play on the Dover Bay Senior team in Grade 10, I was named MVP at the Wellington Invitational Tournament (Gr.12) and was selected to the All Island A team All-star game (Gr. 12). I believe that through Av’s encouragement, and hours of involvement with me, I am in the position where, if I wanted to, I could play Post Secondary Basketball. Av is one of the most dedicated people I have met. He is an incredible coach.

Wes Richardson-  Dover Bay Senior Boys Basketball (2011-2014)

2014 Island All Star Game Selection

2014 Nanaimo City All Star Selection

2012 Wellington Invitational MVP

Wes Richardson