Seen below is a video I put together of some agility ladder patterns that I like to teach. For me, the agility ladder is a way to get the athlete moving in a variety of patterns while making their brain think quicker. A great emphasis is placed on balance, aggressive feet and keeping the hips low. I am by no means a pro at this but I would love to hear your feedback after trying some of the drills!

Seen below is a workout I did with First year guard Morgan Proctor. This workout was focused around Rim attack and finishing at the rim. We put in some different finishes at the rim to promote being able to play at full speed and having a variety of finishes at the rim.

**NOTE: If you are wanting the text document of the workout with details regarding points of emphasis and number of reps, please contact me via the contact tab and submit a request!!**

The purpose of the video was to document the final home weekend of the season and to show what a weekend of preparation looks like through my eyes and all that goes into it.

Seen below is a video of a summer workout with current Mariners Bryson Cox and Jason Fortin.