Written By on April 1, 2017

In what had been a dream year for me, something was a little off. I was having the best financial year I had ever had doing something that I truly loved doing the most. When I hit my first bump, I was blindsided. I sat there thinking, “how could anything go bad when basketball is going so well?” I remember the exact day, I brought it up with a friend over coffee and they said exactly what I had thought. “Well I mean Av, I don’t know why, seems like basketball is going pretty well.”

Over the next month or so my panic slowly grew as life became somewhat robotic.

630AM train my guys, get home at 9AM, 11AM Skype with overseas client, have a nap, read a little bit and get more client work done, go to practice at 5, Yoga after practice and then Skype a different client at 11PM. Finally I’d go to bed around midnight only to wakeup at 5:15AM and do it all over again.

I was buying meals daily, napping daily and spending hours on the computer daily. Working for yourself had its benefits and when you have freedom of planning your day, you may feel like everything is moving in the right direction.. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I came to a conclusion:

I was LOST

This feeling carried with me day in and day out. I couldn’t explain it to anyone because I simply couldn’t find the words to describe what was going on.

The longer this unknown feeling grew, the more I took a hit. My health was declining, I wasn’t fit and I would let negativity get to me.

It wasn’t until recently that something happened that changed everything… there was a SHIFT

I wasn’t LOST. I was where I had worked to be but viewing it from a different perspective.

I shifted my view and perception on all of the things happening and worked to try and find the positive.

I grew increasingly grateful to have friends who I could text at 1130PM or 5AM to try and work through things. Those texts from great friends and hoops minds would always end with “I’m always here.” The shift of feeling down to feeling support was tremendous.

I grew excited to see my players daily and let go of the stress of all the little things that would hold me back. How could I not walk into practice and feel uplifted seeing Eric or feel motivated seeing Kaz. When you have a group that is close knit, its really special to be a part of. This year was like that and our shift was tremendous. When we removed any negativity from our group and worked towards the same goal, we had a positive result and guys battled right until the end.

What used to gut me was knowing it was an athlete’s senior night. In 2016, it took me weeks to come to terms with that a journey with one of my favourite players after 500 games was coming to an end. This year I revisited that feeling after the shift and grew increasingly grateful to have had the moments and success we had. Seeing an athlete sit in that jersey for the final time is a surreal experience. My vision would shift to the 4th years who were going into their final year and I would promise myself to give it everything I had for them and I will.

Instead of feeling the pressure of being the coach, I shifted my mindset to being honoured to be trusted enough to be in that position.

As the shift happened, one thought became more prominent..

Maybe this is life!

Maybe we will be thrown a series of things that may not make sense, and much like a rubik’s cube, we have to tackle the problem by seeing all different angles and finding the best option.

I realize now that the shift was the single most important thing to happen to me. My coaching has still remained the same with clients, tape editing and on court sessions. I’ve made a plan to work on keeping the shift towards the positive and not towards the negative. I am lucky I had friends who were there ALL hours of the day to guide me through the shift. From a friend or coach I could see daily to a friend who was always a phone call or message away. They would check in and make sure things were moving smoothly.

As the offseason sessions begins, I’m going to enjoy the ride.. every single moment of it. From hopping in my truck and driving to the gym to completing the workout and returning home.

As life goes on and you hit bumps…SHIFT

Make things work for you and work towards seeing them from a different angle. If you are not having success as a player, instead of feeling down about it, shift your focus..find a way to improve. Sometimes that may take a technical trait of skill work… sometimes it may take a sprint session where you end up on your knees ready to vomit.

The road won’t be easy always and I’m learning that. I’m learning to be better about working out and conditioning. I’m learning to be better about diet. I’m shifting my focus to a belief that those things will greatly impact every other facet of my life.

Make your plan, have your support group and shift your focus to the positive when things get tough!

“Whatever it takes, FIND A WAY”- Joe Budden