Olivia Mjaaland

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Avneet a lot over this past summer. Avneet’s attention to detail is incredible. During a workout if I am unable to fully grasp a certain move we will break it down and go over each step until it feels like it is becoming a natural part of my game. This attention to detail has improved my game a lot over this past summer. Due to our work together I feel much more confident in aspects of my game that I have previously felt weak in. Avneet will always explain how the move or drill we are working on relates to in game situations, how the defence will react and why a particular read is more beneficial over another in that situation. Last year was my first year playing university basketball. I struggled a lot with decision making at the fast pace level that the game was being played at. Fortunately, our training sessions have allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the game and I now feel confident I will make better reads when I am on the court. Having Avneet as a coach over the years has been extremely beneficial to my game, he continues to push me to new heights, motivate me to continue to work hard and strive towards being the best player I can be.

Olivia Mjaaland -VIU Women’s Basketball (2017-Present)

2019 Pacwest Provincial Champion

Quest University Kermodes 2016/2017

Pacwest All Rookie Team

Basketball BC Provincial Team Member