Mindset Matters

Summer time offers me an opportunity to read a variety of different books which I quite enjoy. Throughout my readings, I am finding myself constantly taking notes or pictures of pages. Recently, I had just finished reading “The Mindful Athlete” by George Mumford. George Mumford is known for being someone? Read More

The Urgency Tendency

It’s 2:00 AM, you’re sleeping and your phone buzzes with a text message. As you wipe your eyes trying to comprehend who is messaging you at this ungodly hour, you are still trying to adjust to the brightness of the phone display. You take about 30 seconds to open the? Read More

The Absence of Analysis

The movement of “living in the now” is often a misinterpreted one. Some individuals have begun to believe that “living in the now” simply means floating through the daily activities as they come without serious thought of the long term. Could living day by day begin to reduce your natural? Read More

The Pursuit

In life we surround ourselves with goals and in order to achieve a goal, there is a pursuit. The pursuit is something that can challenge us mentally and physically. It can cause us to lose sleep, lose friends and make other big sacrifices. At the end of this journey, the? Read More

The Commitment Continuum

This post is one I think EVERY athlete and coach should read…and perhaps every other person the the world too!  I read an article a while back regarding Commitment and what it truly was about. The article talked about “sticking with it” and “keep pushing”, two of the most over used? Read More