Are You Not Entertained?

Summer days can be long for an athlete. The heat sets in along with the boredom of the routine that they encounter daily. When it comes to improving their skill, it can become quite tiresome to work on the same things every single day. I have been fortunate enough to? Read More


It has truly been a while! A while since I wrote, a while since I got to relax AND a while since the season ended earlier than expected. The early offseason took me by surprise but I have already been able to find a tonne of relaxation mentally and physically? Read More


In what has been a whirlwind of a year, I find myself extremely grateful for the year that I’ve had. It has been full of ups and downs but I wanted to take time to write about something I would have never written about in the past. Being truly comfortable? Read More

Another Year Wiser…I Hope!

In the final hours before my 26th birthday, I sit at home and reflect on what has been a tremendous year of challenge, learning and growth. Through major accomplishments and disappointments throughout the year, I have grown to understand and appreciate the fact that life goes on and there are? Read More


In what had been a dream year for me, something was a little off. I was having the best financial year I had ever had doing something that I truly loved doing the most. When I hit my first bump, I was blindsided. I sat there thinking, “how could anything? Read More

That Moment Was Made Months Ago

The crowd is going wild, the emotions are high and the final buzzer sounds. Yet through the sound of the buzzer signalling the end, something else has begun. The offseason has begun. As a whirlwind of emotions hit me as a coach, there is this growing excitement of opportunity and? Read More

Belief Can Take You How Far!?

I’ll be the first to admit that playing basketball was not my strength. I won’t sit here and tell you that I could have been the next big thing. Instead I was a kid who just loved the game and would do anything to stay around the game. My journey? Read More

Beyond The Court

A story of Avneet Brar and his journey in coaching. This is an untraditional story about becoming a coach. This story is based around positivity, perseverance and passion!! A chance to see what goes on in the workout and chat with him and an athlete he trains.