I have known Avneet since 2003 and have had the pleasure of coaching with him for 7 years.  (2012-present at Vancouver Island University and 2010-2011 at Dover Bay Secondary)

In my years coaching and playing basketball I can honestly say I have only came across a handful of people who are as dedicated to the sport as coach Avneet.  At Vancouver Island University Avneet brings so much to our team.  During season he is responsible for all the video editing for game review, upcoming scouts, and individual analysis.  He is involved in the planning of practice and coaches both in small group and 5 on 5 sessions.  One of the biggest contributions Avneet gives to our program is the amount of time, effort and detail he puts in to improving our players.  Through video analysis and discussion with coaches, Avneet formulates monthly skill development plans for our guys and gets in the gym with them anywhere from 1-3 times per week.  He does all of this while being a full time Marketing student.

In the off season, Av spends countless hours with our guys as well as other young players in the community.  Av and I regularly meet to discuss personnel specific player development and how we can tie that into the offensive system we will use for the upcoming season.  Avneet leads much of that instruction over the months of May and June.

I can say with 100% sincerity that without coach Avneet our program would not have the success it had over the last 3 years.  (2013 CCAA National Champions, 2015 CCAA National runner up)  I highly recommend him and would be happy to discuss him further.

Matt Kuzminski- Vancouver Island University Head Coach (2012-Present)

CCAA National Champion 2013 & 2019

Pacwest Provincial Champion 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019

3X Pacwest Coach of the Year

2015 CCAA National Finalist

2015 CCAA Coach of The Year

2014 Nanaimo High Performance Coach of The Year