Josh Ross

My first day on the island was the most beautiful day ever! The ocean, mountains and the joy on everybody faces for being the luckiest people for actually living there all year long was truly special. I can remember I hadn’t even made it to the hotel yet and I get a text message from Coach Avneet simply telling me we have a workout in twenty minutes. As excited as I was to hoop, little did I know this was a tough training session. We ran on the track, lifted weights and then we picked up a basketball. This went on for the first week and I was so sore.  The weekend had arrived and on Saturday Avneet messaged me and said we have a track workout and it was optional. Long story short I didn’t go because I thought I worked hard enough and deserved a break on the weekend. That night Avneet sent me a message that I will never forget. Av was very upset with me that I did not go to the workout at the track. Despite being optional, he reminded me that great players do extra. Avneet is one of the most competitive people I know and he held me so accountable over the course of the year.

He got his point across early on how important every training session is if you want to win a championship, which he already had won. Av is so great with players and always finding a gym to train in. His attention to detail is found in few people. He studied hours and hours of tape and then would come to me and say, “Josh, this is how they’re going to guard you and these will be your shots.” At first with some of the drills I thought to myself  “this isn’t going to work, how would Av know?” Little did I know, those workouts helped me so much with my shooting, conditioning and scoring off the dribble. Av helped me so much on and off the court and taught me about the importance of grinding and holding yourself accountable. Coach Av started training me the first day I got to the island, it led to a 21-0 record for our team and I was lucky enough to receive CCAA National player of the year. I’m glad I chose to follow a leader that loves basketball just as much as I do. If you want to improve your game, there is no question that Av is the one you should train with.


Josh Ross- Mount Royal University Mens Basketball (2016-2018)

Vancouver Island University Mens Basketball (2015/2016)

2016 CCAA National Player of the Year

2016 CCAA National Tournament First Team All Star

2016 Pacwest Player of The Year For Mens Basketball + Across All Sports

2016 Pacwest Provincial Tournament MVP

2016 VIU Male Athlete of the Year

Josh Ross