Avneet has worked with me for the past few summers and has consistently helped me improve my game. He brings valuable knowledge, unique insight, and extreme dedication to coaching and training his athletes.

Personally, I found it very impressive how we would pay attention to details. Avneet would stop our workouts midway and point out very specific, yet important, details that I was neglecting. For example, he would always remind me that when I’m coming off a pin down I should look over my shoulder to locate my defender and react to his position. While such details may not seem too important, when it comes to games that matter, these details can make the difference between winning and losing.

While Avneet is exceptional at the details, he is also very effective at adding new elements to his players’ games. While I trained with him this summer, he helped me diversify my midrange game by sharing new moves and subtle techniques that he had learnt about. Avneet’s knowledge of basketball is undoubtedly very impressive, however, what sets him apart from other trainers and coaches is that he truly cares about his players and is thoroughly invested in them. When a coach shows he is invested in his players, the players will invest in the coach, this leads to improvement and success.
Avneet is invested and so are his players, which gets you as close as you can be to guaranteeing success.

Jenning Leung – Currently playing professional basketball

McGill University Men’s Basketball 2013-2018

RSEQ Conference Champion

Starting Lineup at McGill

3X National Tournament Appearance