Jenna Carver

Avneet knows his stuff and is dedicated to the game. This summer he really helped me focus on the skills I needed and wanted to improve on for the upcoming season. I can confidently say that my game has improved a lot because of the work I did with him. I wanted to give my self a better outside shooting game and Avneet came up with specific drills for me that catered to exactly what I would be doing in an actual game. We worked on my balance with specific drills and created more of an arc in my shot by using defensive tools he provided. Avneet was always willing to meet with me one on one and he always made it work even though we both were battling with very busy schedules. The progress I made with Avneet was amazing to see and I look forward to having him help me along during my final season at VIU.

Jenna Carver- Vancouver Island University Mariners Womens Basketball (2010-2015)

5 Year VIU Mariner

2015 CCAA National Championships Player of The Game

2015 Pacwest Provincial Tournament All Star

2015 Pacwest Confrence First Team All Star

20152X PacWest Athlete of The Week

2015 2X VIU Athlete of The Week