Clayton Billett

I have been working with Av since my grade 11 year of high school in 2008. I saw an immediate improvement in my game after the first few sessions; The thing about Av is he is always bringing new ideas and drills to not only improve your weaknesses, but to ultimately improve your strengths as well. His mannerisms of working hard, and always being a student of the game and not only improve your game, but help shape your choices and personality off the court. The detail and specificity put into his drills for each player are different. This in turn betters all individuals to get become better players. The combination between skill work and functional movements specific to the game of basketball directly improve your skills well also improving your athletic ability. Av has definitely dragged me out of bed a few too many mornings, but in the end it was all worth it. I can say he is one of the main reasons I am the player I am today.

Clayton Billett -Vancouver Island University Mens Basketball (2008-2014)

5 year VIU Mariner

2013 CCAA National Champion with VIU

2013 Pacwest Silver Medalist

6 Consecutive Confrence Finals Appearances

 Clayton Billett