We AreBrar Basketball

My goal is to teach players the game with an emphasis on effort and attention to detail. I have been blessed to have great mentors and now it is my turn to teach.

Training with me will have no gimmicks and no short cuts. I believe players showing up and giving their best effort will not only give them a great sense of achievement but also help them learn a great deal about themselves. Players will engage in purposeful training from a skills and lifestyle standpoint. The athletes will learn the WHY while learning the WHAT at the same time. Building a skill set while building the IQ at the same time can be an outstanding combination.

Effort…Attitude…TRAIN!! (E.A.T) Bring those first two and then get to work. Eliminate excuses and give your best effort. There will be no hand outs as it is time to earn your success. I was taught to show up all year and give my best effort whether there was one player or ten players in the gym. Showing up with the intention of helping others reach their goals is first and foremost. Followed by intention, is the plan and action to help the players improve. Training with me will push you to your limits and you will enjoy the journey.

Training with me will be more of a textbook style than a sample style. I believe in giving the athletes a plan that they can take home and work on. I do not believe in the sampler style where they will only get a piece of the workout and have to attend the next one to improve on their game. I believe this promotes coach driven training rather than player drive. Secondly, it becomes quite a financial strain for the parents. I believe in being available and flexible to train any athlete who is truly willing to improve their game and push themselves.

Give YOUR best and earn YOUR success!