Belief Can Take You How Far!?

Written By on November 15, 2016

I’ll be the first to admit that playing basketball was not my strength. I won’t sit here and tell you that I could have been the next big thing. Instead I was a kid who just loved the game and would do anything to stay around the game.

My journey of coaching began when I was in grade ten. Here I was in grade ten coaching athletes in grade nine and sitting on the bench of senior spring league with athletes two years older than me. Where I was fortunate was that those older athletes never isolated me for my passion of the game. They took me for me and began to realize I was always around.

Fast forward 3 seasons and I’ve graduated high school and I think I’m getting prettyyyyy good at this whole coaching thing. So I continue to invest time in being around the game and helping players improve. I went from someone who would get to the gym and put someone through a random workout to someone who now watches tape and scouts my own clients before I put them through a workout. There have been times where I am working with a new client and I am up late watching their game tape to see how I can truly help them get the most out of training with me.

So here I am now in 2016 and the journey in my passion of player development has been a wild one! I have went from using a subway napkin to write notes while watching a DVD to now using an official notebook while using Synergy… oh how times have changed.

This year has brought me some new experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world. From continuing to work with pro athletes to beginning to help coaching women’s basketball. I often sit back and think, “How the heck did I end up in this spot.”

I have narrowed down the internal conversation to one word: BELIEF

This belief comes in two main forms and I am grateful for both.

Firstly, the belief comes from those who took a chance on me, trusted me and supported me. There are so many people who put their trust in me to develop them as players. There are also many coaches who put trust in me to develop their players. This feeling of belief is incredibly motivating to me. The belief comes from coaches, parents, athletes and more. I am so thankful that all of them took that chance to believe in me.

Secondly, the belief that comes from within myself. I have had struggles and I have had setbacks but I have always worked hard on maintaining self belief. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had my low points, it just means that I have kept trying to work on building my belief up. I have had many nights where my belief that I am not good enough yet has driven me to continue to learn more about the game.

So what am I getting at here? Great question.

I encourage all of you to make an effort to believe in yourself. Don’t leave it at a subconscious thought but actually make a conscious effort to believe in yourself and remind yourself you are capable. When you are struggling, be ultra aware to those that maintain a belief in you. These are tremendous people who you should forever be grateful for because some of us have a few believers and some of us have a flock of believers. Regardless of how many believers you have.. Be grateful for them.

Make a conscious effort to believe in yourself and be grateful for those who believe in you and see how much you will grow as a result.

When you work hard great things can GROW!!

Thanks for reading,

Avneet Brar