Another Year Wiser…I Hope!

Written By on September 8, 2017

In the final hours before my 26th birthday, I sit at home and reflect on what has been a tremendous year of challenge, learning and growth.

Through major accomplishments and disappointments throughout the year, I have grown to understand and appreciate the fact that life goes on and there are always things you can do to make a difference.

In what was a record year for Camps, Clinics, Coaching and Consulting, I truly could not have accomplished such things without the overwhelming support of my fellow coaches, support staff and the community in the province.

In what was also a year where I faced some disappointments in pursuits of new challenges, I could not have overcome such things without the support of those close to me and my family. The simple joy in helping others has become a form of comfort and a way of getting over when things haven’t gone my way. Instead of packing it in, I remind myself that making a difference will always make me feel better!

In both of these situations, one thing became evident.. There is ALWAYS something next and there is ALWAYS an opportunity to make a difference.

I am a day away from the beginning of one of my most exciting projects to date with Basketball and some really exciting business partnerships. The community support has truly been tremendous and I would like to take time to thank ALL of the members for their ongoing support.

I encourage everyone to be conscious of the power of making a difference and simply how easy it can be to make a difference. You may not understand the impact of how beneficial it can be to make time to talk to someone when you may be a little rushed.

Life gets busy but never forget that people matter and everyone is fighting their own battle.

Another year down and another year wiser…I hope!

Thank you All!