With all the different drills and unique training I did with Avneet as a coach, my game has improved tremendously. A drill we worked on was ball handling with resistance bands. This was really beneficial because it pushes you outside your comfort zone so you are able to push much harder in a game. Skill is something some players lack and compensate with athleticism. Working with Avneet, focusing on those small fundamentals has helped me throughout my season. Being a first year point guard in the CIS was a challenge but knowing that I had put in all the work with him, I was comfortable bringing the ball up against fifth year guards. The feeling of being able to use my skills in games versus older players was personally rewarding. For university players it’s not just about doing basic ball handling, We have to be pushed to do things that are extremely challenging to get better and that is what I benefited most from training with Avneet. We spent time each day talking about mindset, worked on athleticism and incorporated conditioning into almost every drill.

Sara Simovic- University of the Fraser Valley (2016-Present)

Vancouver Island University (2015-2016)

University Of Lethbridge Women’s Basketball (2013-2015)

2014 CanadaWest All Rookie Team

Sara Simovic