I started working with Coach Av as soon as I got to Nanaimo the summer of 2014. From day 1, Av had the dedication to be at the gym everyday to not only help me get better at my game but also my teammates. I’ve worked with Av on many different aspects of my game. Coming into the season I wanted a better and quicker shot from three and he noticed little details like keeping my eyes on the back rim as I shoot instead of watching the ball in flight.  He also noticed I was shooting with narrow fingers behind the ball meaning I was controlling less of the ball on my follow through. Those little things he noticed and corrected helped me immediately and made me a better shooter from deep. I had a better 3p fg% the 14-15 season because of that. Av notices those small things and will work with you until he starts to see improvement then perfection. The smaller details are what’s important in this game as you gain more experience and Avneet focuses on that very well. Avneet’s overall dedication will lead him to much success in basketball and  I recommend him to anyone trying to get better on the court.

Justin King- Current Pro in Australia

Oakleigh Warriors (2015- 2016) Austrailia

Vancouver Island University 2014-2015

2015 CCAA National Silver Medalist

2015 CCAA All Canadian

2015 Pacwest Provincial Champion and MVP

2014/2015 3 X Pacwest Confrence Athlete of The Week